Core teachers are using an online program called "Jupiter Ed" to keep track of assignments and record students' grades.  As a parent you have access to this information to keep informed about your student's progress and grades.  Students will also have access to monitor their own progress and communicate with teachers. 

The information is secure and can only be accessed with a valid login and password.  Parents have access only to their own child's scores.  In order to obtain access to the program, the school must have your current email address.    
To get access to Jupiter Grades, contact MWCS office, provide your email address and an account will be set up. This may take a couple of weeks, so please be patient.  If you don't have an email address, you can always request a printed progress report from your child's teacher.

Lunch Procedures

Lunches must be prepaid for a minimum of 5 
lunches at a time.

5 lunches @ 4.00 = $20.00. This is the minimum due. Milk only is $0.30. We only accept payments on Monday (or Tuesday if Monday is a holiday). All payments must be in a clearly marked envelope or baggie with the Student's Full Name, date, and Amount Enclosed written on it.

To make online payments to your students 
account, please go to the website to the left and follow the the directions to Register For a Free Account.

Megan Black

Lisa Chapman

Michelle Franci

Nikki Dale

Student Representatives



School Site Council Meetings

Meetings are held in the Mark West Charter School Office.

Next Meeting is: TBD

3:15 - 4:00pm

School Site Council

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