Innovative 7th and 8th Grade Program
  • Differentiated learning and 21st Century skills

  • "Re-do" techniques applied to projects and tests

  • Community service and applied learning projects connect classroom learning to "real life"

  • Three electives per quarter include:  Art, Drama, Photography, Maker,  and more

  • Skills for success:  research, critical thinking, organization, note-taking, leadership, and teambuilding

  • Program enhancing field trips, including science camp and Science Museum

  • Independent Home Study Program students blend with traditional students for on-campus electives

Our Mission

Mark West Charter School fosters a school 
culture where every member of the school 
community is provided powerful instruction in
21st Century skills and common core 
academics. Progress will be measured by 
District Benchmarks, formative and statewide 
assessments, as well as performance tasks. 
We will use technology, project based learning,
and a caring, dedicated staff to meet the 
social-emotional and academic needs of each 
and every student. We will provide 
differentiation during the instructional day to 
ensure students get the level of support they 
need to succeed. Students will participate in 
community service projects to find a connection to their surroundings and ways they can become active members in their community.

Frequently Asked Questions
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